Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro (310g)

Introducing the Graphene 360 Speed Pro! Like it's predecessor (the Graphene Touch version) this update blends modern speed with classic control.

Although this stick still packs a surgical 18x20 string pattern, Head has widened the spaces between the cross strings for extra spin and power.

They've also widened the beam slightly and reduced the dampening compound, Kraibon, for a more solid and crisp response. With the addition of Graphene 360, Head not only strengthens this racket's shaft, but it also reinforces the head at 3,9 and 12 o'clock.

The upshot is an unmistakable increase in stability and power. Although this update packs some extra power, the control remains outstanding. 

From the baseline, the Speed Pro feels fast, solid and surgical. In addition to its great control and arm-friendly flex (62 RA), this stick is great at driving the ball through the court. It also delivers good spin thanks to its rapid acceleration and wider string spacing.

Like the previous generation, the Speed Pro moves into position with surprising ease on volleys, and it redirects pace effectively for its weight. On serves, this racket's precision inspires confidence when swinging for power.

The Speed Pro also performs well on service returns where it comes around fast to deliver an accurate ball. 

By redesigning the beam and adding some extra stability and pop to the response, Head has produced yet another impressive update to the Speed Pro.  This racket remains a must demo for those who want a speedy control racket that keeps big swings on target.

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