Tecnifibre TRIAX Reel (Natural)[Multifilament]

Introducing the first multifilament string with co-polyester fibres.

Triax is another revolutionary string from Tecnifibre which mixes materials together for a true 'hybrid' string as opposed to the traditional setup of one piece multifilament and one piece polyester.

The co-polyester fibres inside make the multifilament string more durable which is ideal for regular breakers. Its durability does not compromise the control, spin and arm protection which makes it great for advanced and expert players.

Research conducted by TecniLab found the following:

  • + 15% firmness vs a classic multifilament thanks to co-polyester fibres, which provides the player with more spin and more control.
  • + 15% shock absorption vs a classic polyester thanks to a unique setting of PU HD (100% elasticity). This provides the player with more arm protection and comfort.
  • + 50% durability vs a classic multifilament thanks to exclusive use of co-polyester fibres named TPI.

The true hybrid construction means that there are no longer an endless number of combinations to choose from when deciding your mains and crosses. With a traditional hybrid setup where a polyester is used to increase the durability, the multifilament is usually the first to break anyway, so we found it reassuring that in the Triax the added co-polyester fibres directly prolong the durability of the multifilament.

When we took it to the court, our team were particularly impressed with the level of control and spin, even on high intensity rallies, and it felt easier on the arm compared to a traditional multifilament and polyester hybrid setup.

  • Colour: Natural
  • 200m reel

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