Demo Programme

We know that choosing the right racket can be difficult. This is why we offer our demo program. You can try our rackets for free at one of our Demo Events or playtest them for up to 4 business days. 

How does the demo programme work?

Players can playtest rackets for free at any of our Demo Events. Players can also visit our shop in Wantage, Oxfordshire and hire out up to two rackets to playtest for a maximum of 4 business days. At present we do not offer a shipping demo service. 

What is the cost of our demo programme?

There are two ways to demo a racket:

  1. At one of our demo days - there is no charge for this.
  2. Demo up to 2 rackets for a maximum of 4 days - players can borrowing a maximum of two demo rackets at any one time and they pay the full price of the racket(s) when taking the demo(s) away. If they choose to then purchase a racket, when the demo is returned we then swap it for a new racket, refund any monies owed, and there is no fee for the demo service. If the player decides not to purchase a racket after their playtest, a refund will be given, minus a fee of £25.00 per racket for the demo charge. 

So in essence, demoing rackets at The Racket Factory is free of charge if you go onto purchase a racket, or a £25.00 per racket fee if you decide the racket is not for you!  

What is the policy if I forget to send the racket(s) back in time?

If we do not receive your demo racket within 4 business days, you will be charged a £5.00 late fee per racket, per day (which is non-refundable). After 7 days, if we are unable to reach you, we will assume the demo racket is not going to be returned, and no refund or new racket will be swapped for the demo. We will instead convert a new racket into our demo racket stock.

How many rackets can I demo at a time?

You can demo up to 2 rackets at a time.

I have decided what racquets I want to demo, so what is the next step?

At the current moment, we do not have a place on the website where you can fill out a form and demo racquets. If you have decided which rackets you want to demo, please contact us for availability.

If you have any questions regarding our demo program, please contact us.