Tecnifibre ATP T Fight RS (280g)

Introducing the lightest and fastest member of the 2020 TFight series. Like the previous generation, this racket is ideal for virtually any intermediate player who wants a maneuverable performance racket that delivers great ball feedback along with very predictable results on full swings.

For 2020, Tecnifibre updates the beam with its RSL Section, which utilizes a unique 5-sided R shape to keep the frame more stable through impact. Tecnifibre has also reinforced the area where the shaft and head meet, along with keeping two material technologies from the previous generation: Xtreme Touch Construction (for stability) and Dynacore HD (for comfort). 

On groundstrokes, this racket's easy acceleration and controllable power make it ideal for the rising intermediate who wants to hit a more accurate ball. In addition to offering impressive stability for the weight, you'll find enough power and spin to play aggressive tennis.

As the lightest member of the TFight series, this racket is not only great for scrambling on defense and cranking winners on thence  run, it will also help you stay active at net. 

Ultimately, with a little added power and some impressive updates to the feel, this racket is a great addition to the TFight family. Players looking for a maneuverable racket with easy targeting and great feel should give this racket a serious look.

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