Tecnifibre DNAMX Set (Black)

Tecnifibre DNAMX is a brand new squash string designed to help the athletic player achieve more power and more speed in their game. By combining Elastyl fibres and PU HDX Inside, Tecnifibres most reactive PU technology, DNAMX allows powers to improve the acceleration and reaction speed of their shots, resulting in greatly increased power. DNAMX strings are also far more agile than previous Tecnifibre strings such as 305, 305+ and X-One Biphase thanks to Tecnifibre's SPL2 Inside technology, giving you maximum cut from the strings and increasing the strings agility. Together, these three improvements ensure that DNMAX has the highest elasticity of any squash string, giving you maximum power and feel.Available in 3 gauges:

  1. Gauge 16 (1.25mm) - The most durable version of DNAMX due to thicker string.
  2. Gauge 17 (1.20mm) - All-Round version designed to give perfect combination of power and durability.
  3. Gauge 18 (1.15mm) - Ultimate power and feel.

Product Information

  • Construction: 100% Elastyl fibres - Maximum Power
  • SPL2 Inside Finish - Maximum Cut
  • Maximum Power and Shock Absorption
  • Length: 200 metres (656 feet) - approximately 20 squash restrings.

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