Tecnifibre ATP TF40 (315g)

Celebrating 40 years in the tennis business, Tecnifibre delivers one of its most impressive player's rackets to date.

With its classic square beam and dense 18x20 string pattern, the TF 40 315 has the pinpoint control and sublime feel of a traditional player's racket. At 315 grams, it feels solid against pace, but it's also deceptively fast thanks to a 7 point head light balance and sub 325 RDC swingweight. Under the hood, this racket features  a soft Dynacore braid made with Tecnifibre's flexible XTC material.

The result is extra touch, dwell time and pocketing. To further enhance comfort, the TF 40 315 comes with an Xtense BG grommet system, which helps the strings absorb shock at impact. This racket also features wider string channels on the outside of the frame, which makes for easier string installation.

From the baseline, this stick delivers mindless precision on full swings, and it's just fast enough for chasing down balls and executing shots on the run. With its dense 18x20 string pattern, the TF 40 315 provides a low and laser-like trajectory, making it great for driving flat bombs through the court. 

At net, the TF 40 315 feels solid when redirecting pace, and the head light balance keeps it speedy on reaction volleys. There's also more than enough touch for hitting droppers and sharp angles.

Thanks to a sub-325 RDC swingweight, the TF 40 315 comes around fast on service returns to deliver very predictable results on aggressive cuts. 

Ultimately, with its excellent control and seductive feel, this is a must demo for the player who wants a classic player's racket that comes around fast.

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