Yonex EZONE Lite 2017 (270g)

Yonex updates the EZONE Lite (270g) with some impressive new technologies but keeps the same user-friendly format that made this racket perfect for improving players! Like its predecessor (the DR version), this racket swings easy, and the 16x18 string pattern delivers an extremely spin-friendly response.

According to Yonex, this model features an expanded sweet spot thanks to an updated Isometric head shape. Yonex has also retooled the grommet system with its Micro Offset Layout technology, which enables the strings to soak up additional vibration at impact (think more comfort). This technology is complemented by the Shockless Grommet System, which adds even greater vibration dampening to the centre main strings.

Additional updates include the use of a hyper modulus graphite (Hyper-MG) in the upper hoop and shaft. The upshot, according to Yonex, is less frame bending at impact, resulting in greater energy transfer to the ball. To increase racket stroke speed, the EZONE Lite comes with an Aero Shape, which includes smoother contours in the head for less wind resistance. The result of all these technologies is a boost in speed, comfort and power. From the baseline this racket moves fast and delivers controllable power.

 The open 16x18 string pattern not only supplies easy spin, but it launches the ball at a higher trajectory, resulting in easier depth. This racket's maneuverability makes it great for scrambling and hitting shots on the run. At net the EZONE Lite is all about maneuverability. With its light weight, you will be able to react very quickly, and there is plenty of power for finishing points. The light weight definitely comes in handy on serves where this stick whips very easily through contact to deliver precise targeting. 

With the EZONE Lite (270g), Yonex delivers an impressive performance frame to the improving player who wants great all-around performance in a light and explosive package.


Head Size: 100in²/645cm²
Length: 27in/68,5cm
Weight: 10.12oz / 287g
Unstrung Weight: 9.5oz / 270g
Balance: 34cm/1HL
Unstrung Balance: 33cm/4HL
Swingweight: 295
Stiffness: 64
Beam Width: 24mm/26mm/22mm
Composition: H.M.Graphite/Hyper MG/Nanometric DR/Quake Shut Gel Air
Racket Colours: Black/White/Lime
String Pattern:
  16 Mains / 18 Crosses
  Mains skip: 8T,8H
Tension: 40-55 lbs / 18-25kg



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