Yonex Nanoray 700FX

The Nanoray 700FX is a control racket with very high manoeuvrability, suitable for defensive all-rounders.

NanoRay marks the newest chapter in Yonex's tradition of producing the fastest badminton rackets to match the speed of the sport. It takes the fundamentals of the Nanospeed series and pushes to the next level with the introduction of Aero Frame which is thinner on towards the top to be more aerodynamic while thicker towards the bottom for increased stiffness and repulsion power.

NR700FX uses Toughlex towards the top of the frame. This sticky resin has been proven to increase the strength and durability as well as the flexibility of carbon. This allows NR700FX to flex at the top of the frame allowing giving players greater control and precision.

X-Fullerene can be found in the shaft of the racket. As introduced with NS9900, it is an advanced resin that binds Carbon particles to make them lighter and stiffer to increase stiffness of the racket.


  • Flex: Medium
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite & Toughlex
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite & X-Fullerene
  • Weight: 4U (80g-84.9g)

Made in Japan


Weight 4U (80-84g unstrung)
Balance Head-Light
Flex Medium
Factory Strings UNSTRUNG
Recommended String for Power & Comfort Yonex Aerobite Hybrid - 0.67/0.61mm
Recommended String for Control & Durability Yonex BG65Ti - 0.70mm
Stringing Tension Range 19-24 lbs

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